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Inbound links monitoring software is very easy to use tool for both website owners and webmasters. Checking tool checks and determines the status of your links on various publishers sites. Inward link tracing program sends the notification via email when status of link is not found, links are unavailable or advertiser page is not being display. Back link shareware generates several types of reports like complex report, comprising all available information about your website in the text or html format. Reciprocal link manager can import and export the advertiser site by using text or csv comma separated values file format and it supports http or https websites containing the address of your web pages. Inward link checker tool can monitor all direct links, reciprocal links and JavaScript links. Backlink checking utility improves the popularity and increase the search engine ranking of your websites. Inbound link searching application works with many numbers of profiles and checks the unlimited number of back links of your sites. Utility is fully support the windows operating systems like 98, 2000, 2003, XP, ME, NT, Server 2008, Longhorn and all versions of Vista. Application has the simple GUI facility that is useful for both beginners and experts to find out the status of backlinks of your websites.

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